The Reptilian Brain


The reptilian brain has taken the world basic instinct of our first layer of the three sections of the human brain creates aggression, fear and anxiety and we listen to it far more than we should it is global control forefront of secret associations, societies and cults this keeps the average man in place to be used as a tool. We must find ways to enlighten the genial public and strive for greater thought processes we can achieve. Government’s strive to segregate It’s public this keeps them with control over the populace they use our basic instincts against us through all media also data research without us knowing.

You only have to look at WW2 to see what man is capable of there is no care for the greater spirit within us all It is kept to constant confrontation between country’s for a reason.

Well living in the west how can this effect us It has been for century’s If there no willing people to do menial tasks the governments would have no power this comes to the power pyramid again. Think tanks should be in place to find ways to elevate the overpowering reptilian brain, to find ways to access greater thought processes This could open pathways for a greater consciousness for everyone we need to stop conflict we are adults for the greater purpose planet Earth is not a playground time to grow up humanity and start looking after each other.

© Nicholas Leslie 2015 #Art and #Science need better inherent social interaction to obtain better public relations to forward knowledge in a coherency for the populaces. x


Author: Nicholas Leslie

Professional Dreamer & Note Taker. #Writer #Artist #Poet #Photographer #Webmaster #MediaManagement I write progressive poetry, music, science fiction, and create digital art In conjunction with the writing. Been creating over thirty years now, I am always open to constructive criticism. Cell Phone, Text First, I Do Not Answer Phone! Support Your Local Creative People #Writers #Artists #Musicians & #Poets #Photographers #FilmMakers #MakingHistory #ProgressivePoetry

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