Severn Sins:



#1 A script is only a tool to fire the directors imagination

#2 The imperfections and miss orientation are part of the creative proses and are essential to the resulting image.

#3 There is always multiple perspectives to envision alternative outcomes.

#4 Writing without knowledge is freedom of the senses.

#5 To study a form lets your artistic mind gain creativity for an outcome of the subject in any artistic media.

#6 Intrinsic qualities the importance of art, look upon your subject from an uneducated point of view.

#7 Everything is in the detail of how the subject forms a relationship with itself and surroundings within the subject matter.    


© Nicholas Leslie 2015 Our universe is one of multiverses
expanding in a bucket of dark matter sitting in gods potting shed.


Author: Nicholas Leslie

Professional Dreamer & Note Taker. #Writer #Artist #Poet #Photographer #Webmaster #MediaManagement I write progressive poetry, music, science fiction, and create digital art In conjunction with the writing. Been creating over thirty years now, If you require assistance or just advice there Is no charge, especially If you use #WordPress, and I am always open to constructive criticism. Cell Phone, Text First, I Do Not Answer Phone! Support Your Local Creative People #Writers #Artists #Musicians & #Poets #Photographers #FilmMakers #MakingHistory #ProgressivePoetry

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