Make The Difference

Unexpected knock a the door today the kind that make you think, A young woman with principles and a willingness to make a difference In this world genuinely. The understanding that education Is key to many problems I would just like to keep the faith and open your eyes. 
#People Like Aimee Make The Difference In This World Please #Support Via justgiving: 

Fundraising For Aimee Kitson.

volunteers overseas to fight poverty: 

Voluntary Service Overseas

Author: Nicholas Leslie

Professional Dreamer & Note Taker. #Writer #Artist #Poet #Photographer #Webmaster #MediaManagement I write progressive poetry, music, science fiction, and create digital art In conjunction with the writing. Been creating over thirty years now, I am always open to constructive criticism. Cell Phone, Text First, I Do Not Answer Phone! Support Your Local Creative People #Writers #Artists #Musicians & #Poets #Photographers #FilmMakers #MakingHistory #ProgressivePoetry

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