Make The Difference

Unexpected knock a the door today the kind that make you think, A young woman with principles and a willingness to make a difference In this world genuinely. The understanding that education Is key to many problems I would just like to keep the faith and open your eyes. 
#People Like Aimee Make The Difference In This World Please #Support Via justgiving: 

Fundraising For Aimee Kitson.

volunteers overseas to fight poverty: 

Voluntary Service Overseas

Author: Nicholas Leslie

Professional Dreamer & Note Taker. #Writer #Artist #Poet #Photographer #Webmaster #MediaManagement I write progressive poetry, music, science fiction, and create digital art In conjunction with the writing. Been creating over thirty years now, If you require assistance or just advice there Is no charge, especially If you use #WordPress, and I am always open to constructive criticism. Cell Phone, Text First, I Do Not Answer Phone! Support Your Local Creative People #Writers #Artists #Musicians & #Poets #Photographers #FilmMakers #MakingHistory #ProgressivePoetry

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