Cry Now

Offer the embrace of the universe hold your tears. lost you to midnight highways starved affection my dear. Feel my love tonight miles distant we fell apart.

Not wanted, made no promise tear tearing feelings on the floor no helping hands the soul cries ships never to cross pathways were alone.

Don't leave me tonight my friend hunger clear. Strike the guitar sounds Of sorrow empty tonight. Were not forgotten souls pretence In the winters.

Cryptic stars on horizons, pearls deep waters. Make up the mind of glass here we are, at the doorways In sheer blackness cry now.

Running the waters empty life nevermore, as the spoken fight for life In your abandonment. demons and angels part the clouds rain down on me.

I witness your life at the pulpit against the choir. come In flight with me as stone erodes In the rain. Ground yourself my witness dance amongst the flowers next spring.

© Nicholas Leslie 2017

© Nicholas Leslie 2017


Author: Nicholas Leslie

Professional Dreamer & Note Taker. #Writer #Artist #Poet #Photographer #Webmaster #MediaManagement I write progressive poetry, music, science fiction, and create digital art In conjunction with the writing. Been creating over thirty years now, I am always open to constructive criticism. Cell Phone, Text First, I Do Not Answer Phone! Support Your Local Creative People #Writers #Artists #Musicians & #Poets #Photographers #FilmMakers #MakingHistory #ProgressivePoetry

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