A bullet through my heart standing the earth there’s are black prices on my head alcohol dissipates core found evil man grasps at our mind to control break break the mind will body and soul national signals in anarchy.

prepare to be eliminated seers our beauty flattened with cluster bombs of power control in fear electronics implanted in your minds scream now hold the light scream now imprisoned souls awaiting the time of the world It’s time to take back your mind light up your slow death mind set In finance doe’s this work dream of me upon oceans of calm waters It’s time to say goodbye world no more to pain mental anguishes pull the trigger stag.

We have seen this before many promises scattered to the winds I will gain my wings but not of angels master the deception there is no evil there black-holes grasp at your core see the pearl lighten traversing nature is the cosmos upon this day upon this time upon our dreams there is no more see me now sitting smiling on event horizon.

Take the ribbons from your wrists hold the heart beat seconds to mass destruction we come back to heart beat centurions traversing light ways forming flesh for what end Awake as this world rocks lightning strikes blind these are do not seek gains in imagination enlighten your heart time upon us to leave I will say goodbye.

© Nicholas Leslie 2017

Open Mic

Totally Unrehearsed, Big thank you to Marc Gordon on Guitar
Tribute to Jimi Hendrix & No More Blues.
Open Mic Night Every Thursday.
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Fragmented Download

Fragmented By © Nicholas Leslie 2016

Poetry Works from 2005 to 2013

Not to be duplicated, copied altered in any way without written
permission from © Nicholas Leslie.

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Thank You
© Nicholas Leslie, A Journey into Arts / Humanities
Exploring from The Year 1984.

Take Stand

Running moods In desperation she lost the light In her eyes, we are here right now they came to the door there Is no more to give out of love you played my heart to death repeat wilderness scars diverse I will never look at you again that’s my foolish grace, always on the outside my dream In case you never noticed walking this way away.

Do you believe your soul generation In time our minds pass to thoughts of love come close to me my dear gather the feelings of amour soft sunlight caress your eyes full of folding skies.The fear In natural progress though life the time needs to be taken for your own truth our separation In emotions humanistic knowledge our lesson our relationship.

Angel don’t follow down the dark days forgetfulness minds closed hearts no more to pain take these words nevermore I lost to turn to face fear standing firm and fast solid ground we find give life a change today pathway travel In this time be faithful.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016


Come on the pathway light the way we see we need less of the lonely world guardian come from cloudscapes of your mind hold me tight in this west wind hold your feelings In comfort escape Earth movements In time cease oppression embrace truth speak truth fallen to the feet demonic ages comes down

we who travel sleep the highways of light open your thoughts to love peace will never have the way of man sacrificed to history on order no more maiestas folding cosmos we had a thought can we feel loved as one attest


no hell or heaven humanity distortion we are children In our mothers eyes listen to your hearts forgotten ones seventh appearers save your soul Terraustrall broken wings I love you speaking softly see me open arms

embrace knowledge walking dimensions human kindness bring forth today Mammalium takes this world sheer fallen wings soil bound this millennia twenty five thousand years the masters judgement on mankind God save you.

© Nicholas Leslie 2016


Precipice we find the heavens we say seek your soul clean minds of consequence confess your life confide In me your dreams we seek to make real our honour the candle flickers your truth eyes sparkle my mind smile my dear we can be cosmos

fighting freedom ways do not fall at the feet of false people were nether gather your feeling fly with me through clouds of electricity we can see sitting In the clouds watch as falling angels repent there souls for man

we are nowhere tears fall for the lonely we are not alone do not cry my soul strike the chord we follow the hearts way open minds eye see where you are going across landscapes of peace can we find the way we are going fallen one

we are all strangers In the mist of time come with me on my chariot of fire ascend to knowledge In our freedom story’s told In conclusion we are naked skin hold fast this love we are there In our dreams.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016

Hitting The Edge


Found silence in your mind pulling polar energy from the skull ripped nerves open heart we will never be apart echoes ripping the ears base line descenders we never surrender crashing the mind see you there elliptical sharp to the core screaming winds overtake essence open.

Towards the light we run shutting down sequence begun, no to the truth it is a daydream we see and are unique to the dream helpless never more, have the power of gods for evermore. Splitting words as Earth collides the senses gravitational time we are power to your thought power to you the children, future saved blinded by senseless denominational black spirits of power.

Money they sing stand take your stand open the eyes to mother we are forever born endless energy, sequential hear our hearts sing to the power of what is ours hitting the edge of angels taking flight the mind of endless creations, connections singing from one thought take the love be free.

© Nicholas Leslie 2016