Millennia Past

Waiting at heavens gates she had her way
It’s wont be long till were lost,
minds flesh shredded away the saddest words.

Call me never the confusion
Call me, you once loved me
Millennia past.

You are the one my only one my fallen one
flying circle around my mind grasp your soul
fearing fear no reason.

Call me never the confusion
Call me, you once loved me
Millennia past.

Water flows at your feet from lonely steps
walk with me to sunrise find your smile,
the gate will never open for you.

Millennia Past.

Lyrics © Nicholas Leslie 2017


Gather the Wounded

Flowing sunshine across the mountains of your dreams were not fools walking pathways of the past can we find our-self, In these dreams desperation falling before the feet of mighty oaks the legacy I leave.

They softly whisper names becoming angels of sacrifice this day, Our point never worlds In these eyes. Passing time once In fear never again to the soul In ascending skies, cold cold skies there Is no flesh.

Taste redemption echoes the valley see here we hear the movement, awake my people, we grasp the watchers seething In dark matter healing light upon thee take justice never In sorrow.

Striking lightning your birthrights conquer sheer blackness feasting on the lost open your arms gather the wounded and heal. hear mighty flames escaping caverns to cleanse demons In our world.

Evolution ice will come never the day you are lost In nightmares of injustice save our children save our family's save the light never to regret, do more this day to the light answer that question laps light stones faces In the trees.

Hold forth mankind to extinction nature lives forever more our mother embers we surfaced gathering minds In injustice free the mind this day we can say we tried.


© Nicholas Leslie 2017


The dawn awakens fears

The lovers dawn It's not to far summer nights the world Is well holding fast clasp tight journey far to my eyes open your mind our Earth, our hearts are open fly your soul open reach for me In these days our time.

Climb the hills cresting the sun encapsulate your smile my rainbow shimmer be happy come to happiness with me my soul mate In waters flowing to the seas there are no answers but peace, be In peace balance your mind.

Today we find your mind far from desperation in dark skies just touch me. flowing universe passing body's heart combines our wavelength, loose yourself In me our flowing calm the mind open heart once more.

For your love I give myself to you, care the dawn awakens fears cast to the depths of the oceans that give us life reawaken your hope the waves crashing our shore embrace purity the purity the universe.


© Nicholas Leslie 2017


Eight months and a day the night took me away
fledglings grounded to soil heart beats become.
Time slips away forgotten pathways we are one,
I thought I have seen you what have you done.

We are no angels city caverns upon feet toiled.
Gifted to sail the cosmos no words will describe.
Energy eyes foreseeing the end of day’s whispers on the wind.
penance falling fast we are karma rolling waves upon oceans.

I love you and nobody knows me chambers in chaos insanity.
The edge slipping faith only for you this Is our time.
Move humanity were done letting you go begone from me.
catch my mind on the summer breeze this Is our love.

Cry for the people we are war we are no peace,
trust In life take fear cast it to the pit open.
darkness become you my dear drink the blood of saints.
thrilling freedom gasping for life take stand we can go.

Touch me upon my bleeding skin as we walk volcanoes.
come down from the mount of your loneliness, Take Me.
Is this for your love I’m walking away lost In my soul.
highways of cold stone cold minds obscuring we.

forty nine orbits of life many fallen along the ways,
remember me on storms of life lighting your heaven.
We will never live or die.


© Nicholas Leslie 2017

Paradise Lost

Private link but do not mind you sharing.

Live unedited, unrehearsed, Special Thank You to Steve & Jake.

This paradise lost,
 the world will claim you.
 decreasing circles of fear,
 time Is here No more

Time ends standing
 here my friend
 don't loose your heart
 find love open your eyes

Open your eyes
 Open your eyes

Time our world
 Time our world

No Earth no Earth.
 Ask the questions they
 tell you lies,
 ask the questions they
 tell you lies,
 Time our world

Living a lost paradise
 time our master no confusion
 people pass to memory In our
 paradise lost,
 Paradise lost.

© Nicholas Leslie 2017


A bullet through my heart standing the earth there’s are black prices on my head alcohol dissipates core found evil man grasps at our mind to control break break the mind will body and soul national signals in anarchy.

prepare to be eliminated seers our beauty flattened with cluster bombs of power control in fear electronics implanted in your minds scream now hold the light scream now imprisoned souls awaiting the time of the world It’s time to take back your mind light up your slow death mind set In finance doe’s this work dream of me upon oceans of calm waters It’s time to say goodbye world no more to pain mental anguishes pull the trigger stag.

We have seen this before many promises scattered to the winds I will gain my wings but not of angels master the deception there is no evil there black-holes grasp at your core see the pearl lighten traversing nature is the cosmos upon this day upon this time upon our dreams there is no more see me now sitting smiling on event horizon.

Take the ribbons from your wrists hold the heart beat seconds to mass destruction we come back to heart beat centurions traversing light ways forming flesh for what end Awake as this world rocks lightning strikes blind these are do not seek gains in imagination enlighten your heart time upon us to leave I will say goodbye.

© Nicholas Leslie 2017

Open Mic

Totally Unrehearsed, Big thank you to Marc Gordon on Guitar
Tribute to Jimi Hendrix & No More Blues.
Open Mic Night Every Thursday.
Special thank you to all the staff at #CellarBarCardigan
FaceBook: @thecellarbarcardigan
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