The Purple Deck Chair Episodes



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GoPro Sessions © Nicholas Leslie 2017


It Rained

Tor belly of monsters rhyming the beats.
Red rock were falling to rhythm black clouds,
running scared call to measure sculpted recollection.

Set folding Ra reimbursed our life as we see,
scratching remembrances of stone carved
granite the heart fall back to sleep dear one.

calling satisfaction transcending God's
Incite plight fight grasping at thorns.
There Is no joy, satanic days upon us.

Grow electricities save our lives eclipsed
to a higher position view the seas ablaze internalized,
silence In sharp strands call the maker now.

Call to your mind time care stimulate my beast
freedom calls your soul begin my dear one.
We die everyday end of worlds everyday.

Given life for knowledge create your own fear,
When do you wake from angel sleep.
Gone today time short, like the rain from a doorway.

Don't cry we have our way cosmos silence out,
be not discouraged our hearts were made for love.
Smile my dear ones, smile eject that fear!


© Nicholas Leslie 2017




Your soul Is light atoms white My queen In the rain tonight, calling out for your love here.

Stars escape your words now, twin flames at heaven.

Sanctuary In your wings my love, not of physical our calmness.

Humanity the fear of itself, setting storms In the west.

Dreaming goes something like this, drumming hordes we cannot hide. Taking pace the hart perpetuate, In man.

Energy wavelengths corrode the flesh, pollution expresses change. Our Earth will Die.

Words are no more come to the light, Ride stallions to me, mercy cried. Night turns to light.

Progress of existence never ends, but without you whole. Utilize employ take away the lies.

No conclusion In sailing the skies, involved make your mind understanding. Warmth embrace my empathy universal.

Perception, peaceable imparting a declaration, come forth woman hold equivocal mortals. forever lost harmony bring me peace.


© Nicholas Leslie 2017

Cry Now

Offer the embrace of the universe hold your tears. lost you to midnight highways starved affection my dear. Feel my love tonight miles distant we fell apart.

Not wanted, made no promise tear tearing feelings on the floor no helping hands the soul cries ships never to cross pathways were alone.

Don't leave me tonight my friend hunger clear. Strike the guitar sounds Of sorrow empty tonight. Were not forgotten souls pretence In the winters.

Cryptic stars on horizons, pearls deep waters. Make up the mind of glass here we are, at the doorways In sheer blackness cry now.

Running the waters empty life nevermore, as the spoken fight for life In your abandonment. demons and angels part the clouds rain down on me.

I witness your life at the pulpit against the choir. come In flight with me as stone erodes In the rain. Ground yourself my witness dance amongst the flowers next spring.

© Nicholas Leslie 2017

© Nicholas Leslie 2017

Blessed, Woman

Crashing thunder crossing the skies In your eyes. The piano plays your melody where Is the hope. As the bells ring out demons called to there knees.

Were lost to the true form never say no more. dancing away with emotion on stones forgotten. Humans will not help you now eclipse.

Collect the words no understanding neutralize be clear come forth species grasp time. Control you never held lost insanity claims.

Cry out your moon tonight run In flight love. Mind bleeding dreams hold tight, no words to cry hold my hand to heal.

Take away the masks climb with me day. Here they come with there fire In the dark, die we die to the end of infinity as, the sun burns out clasp our coldness.

Miscalculation be blessed woman never fall. Let me pass to channels beyond reality, I have no more time to say I love.

© Nicholas Leslie 2017


Tired of the promise, humble opinions You killed me the day you broke me. shredded light cuts deep we stand.

No more fight In monuments of time walk with me this age glowing dimmers, just like candles In the wind.

across sunset we fall lost highways to your heart, suffocation we see. Lost to the passing clouds.

Not one more winter please see. crying set me free, no conclusions feelings In emptiness no life.

Scream no more, your at the gates to fall. I lost you In a glimmer on the waters. I cannot continue any-more.


Lyrics © Nicholas Leslie 2017