Aether Share Your Spirituality

I do not wish to walk these fields without you this winter Is coming my dear life has no way walk with me this day thought Is creation cast further Into the future skipping memory I’ve found you a place In my heart for you claim your mind wake wake gather nature closer surround yourself with the heavens and listen.

Open find better days years flow we meet in the rising sun formed the figure of goddess awake sing out to the day recapture my heart missing feelings of desire contactflowing just the love no dancing in shadows light open no darkness day turns to night moon rises to capitulate wide open sky clouds drifting by shimmering the moonlight.

Gentle caresses of soft forms melted to soft heat glimmering soul fire the state of mind explored captured thoughts mind drifts to better days healing history no bitterness finding you there my name is forgotten to words that drift to time endless evolving universes open to fly no destruction earth form taken back to soil dance with me upon the breeze we are everything.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 Never Quit Your Dream
For Professional Dreamers And Unprofessional Alike.