Paradise Lost

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Live unedited, unrehearsed, Special Thank You to Steve & Jake.

This paradise lost,
 the world will claim you.
 decreasing circles of fear,
 time Is here No more

Time ends standing
 here my friend
 don't loose your heart
 find love open your eyes

Open your eyes
 Open your eyes

Time our world
 Time our world

No Earth no Earth.
 Ask the questions they
 tell you lies,
 ask the questions they
 tell you lies,
 Time our world

Living a lost paradise
 time our master no confusion
 people pass to memory In our
 paradise lost,
 Paradise lost.

© Nicholas Leslie 2017



Day no peace slipping slowly into your darkness close your eyes hold fast I feel you there Is no time but now we have bonded hold me tight feel your mind gripping solar flares advanced to our souls connected skin on skin dancing joyous atoms In flesh we are one

I come to you In healing peace free your thoughts transcending
open your heart let the energy flow In your veins take control
your master has arrived flowing force across the skies
vision up vision take control grasp your salvation dreamers.

creation In forms the matter falls our angels clear In peace
twisting thoughts cast away the negative we ask you dream
hearing movements In silence falling across the lands
In the dark roads we walked the sewing of wheat passed to fear.

we are out of vanquished lands protection the angel of death
realisation upon earth In consequence I must leave now
drummers will drum to the world grasping chaos with sticks
beating rhythm In love flowing waters grasping implosions.

time has you my dear ones Earth will have her way today
walking on winters sandy shores beaten by raining water
find the love find your love the never ending cycle In memory.

appetency with you my spirit of healing calling century ways
the wolves mooré out of worlds In opening times our dimension
grasping holding caress our hearts no other love but ourselves.

© Nicholas Leslie 2016

Delete The Elite

This Is wrong to say delete the elite worlds economics have come to a point where upon governments need to reset. Aggression Is wrong party politics does not work we do not need to draw any more sides barriers need to come down to alliances, government with no singular president or prime minster or head of any government they to readily forget there there to serve the public and society.

The new metropolitan anti terrorist police have been unavailing today I say we need this presence on our streets as global policies of government have failed and produced utter barbarianism of the minority’s governments have abused for years.

The fiat banking system needs to be dismantled to rid us of greed and jealousy, There Is so much more to life we need to find the new golden age open the minds of the masses and not through negative propaganda, Tell the truth do not hide we need to find community of the masses this planet Earth will be at extinction If we don’t.

© Nicholas Leslie 2016

Our Church Mother Earth

We are all Children of the Light, What have we learned resources will come to an end as we are now understanding as we fantasies about conquering new worlds to exploit the universes in our grasp we will never find what we have now and able to save, But our kind are to busy wagering wars on each other more or less through religion and perverse translation of profits as we forget the core of any religion is peace, love and understanding. Fundamentally the cause is lack of education and the ability and lack of empathy with our own people.

Society has always given control and power to perceived intelligence of the higher classes who only maintain status through wealth of monetary value and this is not to say that they are our betters. Some very wide rational thinking needs to be achieved to help our Mother Earth a unity of all people under a planetary body of rule that involves all. Sadly this will never be achieved and the human race will be the endangered species.

Nicholas Leslie 2014    


Ribbons Untangled

Skipping stone on the waves of memory’s walking through the sunshine past behind empathy flowing like the river to the sea we will make it right as I see me rain clouds that hover like doom bring waters cleaning new life across pathways trodden


Now down to the river they care open arms seeking freedom through touch never to say goodbye stand up and take care we will never see there to climb trees upon mountains of tears from the sky I need you I need you now mind aches for the thought of never seeing you Its not the history for the good man who never speech that’s the therapy ribbons untangled In bright colour


Meeting In the moonlight the sound of distant thunder through the valleys of ice carved rock this time it’s real never ending circles of peace upon butterfly wings dreams are real so close we have love two souls entwined naked on the shore breaking waves to never let go of tenderest arise sun Earth glimmering morning light we have found the day.


© Nicholas Leslie 2014