It Rained

Tor belly of monsters rhyming the beats.
Red rock were falling to rhythm black clouds,
running scared call to measure sculpted recollection.

Set folding Ra reimbursed our life as we see,
scratching remembrances of stone carved
granite the heart fall back to sleep dear one.

calling satisfaction transcending God's
Incite plight fight grasping at thorns.
There Is no joy, satanic days upon us.

Grow electricities save our lives eclipsed
to a higher position view the seas ablaze internalized,
silence In sharp strands call the maker now.

Call to your mind time care stimulate my beast
freedom calls your soul begin my dear one.
We die everyday end of worlds everyday.

Given life for knowledge create your own fear,
When do you wake from angel sleep.
Gone today time short, like the rain from a doorway.

Don't cry we have our way cosmos silence out,
be not discouraged our hearts were made for love.
Smile my dear ones, smile eject that fear!


© Nicholas Leslie 2017