Millennia Past

Waiting at heavens gates she had her way
It’s wont be long till were lost,
minds flesh shredded away the saddest words.

Call me never the confusion
Call me, you once loved me
Millennia past.

You are the one my only one my fallen one
flying circle around my mind grasp your soul
fearing fear no reason.

Call me never the confusion
Call me, you once loved me
Millennia past.

Water flows at your feet from lonely steps
walk with me to sunrise find your smile,
the gate will never open for you.

Millennia Past.

Lyrics © Nicholas Leslie 2017


Be Free

With nothing I came to you in the shadow of war endless war
pierced through the mind scream for your freedom chains hold
golden sun rays scorch your eyes you will never see incendiary Gods
given you today they give to receive for death upon humanity

the children die untouched from skies of rain water flowing blood
we all pass this day never-ending circles of hate greed inhuman barren men
Death watches over me whispering your names we pray no suffering

our fathers bones come to dust killers the barbarians telling lies
there was no love we see nations crumble ripping light from our hearts
from the sky passing by In your mistake never seeing comfort comes

rise the new day our universe comes home to nurture our spirits
you feel no singularity can make you see closed minds In pain
tortured thinking you have no feelings ripped inside out give your love

slowly walk with me In no direction In God’s way never-ending point truth
enter doors of light take the swords of salvation cast evil to death no return
crimson butterfly’s carry our hope delicate vanishing In lightning light

your hope fades to darkness no end dark matter holds us tight but then
shadows hear Earth cry we can see shards angels In stones of peace
let me heal you grasp thoughts make yourself see then act upon your soul.


© Nicholas Leslie 2016 #Skifakore