The Purple Deck Chair Episodes



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GoPro Sessions © Nicholas Leslie 2017


Open Mic

Totally Unrehearsed, Big thank you to Marc Gordon on Guitar
Tribute to Jimi Hendrix & No More Blues.
Open Mic Night Every Thursday.
Special thank you to all the staff at #CellarBarCardigan
FaceBook: @thecellarbarcardigan
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Night Walk

Night Walk

Running moods In desperation lost the light
 In your eyes we are here right now.
 They came to the door there Is no more to give
 out of love my heart played to death
 repent the wilderness scars diverse they are
 come to, my door I will never gaze again
 that's my flaw always on the outside
 my dream In case you never noticed walking away.

© Nicholas Leslie 2016

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss © Nicholas Leslie 2016 Soundtrack,
Cklik From whisper truth to power Special Thanks to Simon Smart

Stop #Fracking

Stop #Fracking Help #Lancashire and the United Kingdom Please. And asking my #American Friends No matter what country, we need to stop this before It’s to late for all of us. We all need clean drinking water and as soon as the chemicals leak to the water table It’s over.

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Nicholas Leslie & Simon Smart

Nicholas Leslie & Simon Smart @Sonanaut 2006 – 2008 +

All Music Enquires, Simon Smart
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